Zoro is a Pirate and Bounty Hunter who lives in various places, he trains with the 3-sword technique and is referred to as The Pirate Samurai because of his sword skill. Before becoming a pirate he would actually hunt pirates for their bounty and referring to they bounty as berries instead of dollars/pounds/euros and would join the crew of Captain Jim Logan.

Early Life and Bounty Hunter

Zoro was born in March 1721 in Port Royal and would move constantly as his parents jobs were to ship supplies around the Caribbean, when Zoro was 17 he would purchase his own boat(which was really just a fishing boat) and would sail of as a Bounty Hunter with his 3-sword technique and his signature black bandanna with the Jolly Roger on it, he would spend the next 2 years tracking and capturing pirates for their bounties and would earning his money to pay his bills and necessities. He would later try and get the bounty on a certain pirate, Captain Chris Jericho but would fail.

Pirate and death

Zoro would later become a pirate joining the crew of Captain Jim Logan as his First Mate aboard The Nemesis and they would spend months raiding ships and villages for money. After about a year in June 1743(2010) he would go on his own.

In May 1745(2011) Zoro would be found dead in Tortuga and near his body found a note that read,

"I am still the greatest swordsman in the world, the proof is that I killed Zoro"

~Captain Chris Jericho

In reality his player had left POTCO.

Other Appearances

Zoro would be mentioned briefly in "Trip To Paris" in The Logan Family Saga about his death.

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