Zack is a GM of The Co. Express (not EITC) and live on Driftwood Island and have 25 famed items and 2 legendary weapons.

He be fond on :

Port Royal


French Island

Abassa Guyago (took out)

Tormenta's Gold Room

sometimes in the Rum Cellar (to steal some rum)

Quick facts:

  • Zack got his first famed at Kingshead Bush Master Pistol (trash).
  • Zack have a little sister name Molly (in game).
  • Zack SvS badge is abmiral.
  • Zack PvP badge is Brawler.
  • Zack have 2 legendary items Sliver Freeze and Sliver Freeze.
  • Zack is at lv 50.
  • Zack is a guildmaster of The Co. Express
  • Zack have a War Frigate named Bountyhunter General
  • Zack have a War Sloop named Lighting Starlight.
  • Zack have a Light sloop name Crisom Fox

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