William Treasurehawk was a spy for Simon Treasurehawk. William was on a mission on spying on The Co. Empire led by Diego at the time, but was later accused of being a spy and sentenced to death. He changed his name to William Seafury and lost all contact with Simon. Now he is back helping Simon in the Marauder's Militia guild, but moved on and made his own guild in support of his brother.

William Seafury

Current Notoriety:


Current Guild:

Grenadier's Militia

Current Rank:


Favorite Weapon:


Favorite Item:

Explorer's Sea chart

     Level: 23

Guild: Grenadier's Militia

GM William Seafury

Rank: Gm


Sailing: 10

Cannon: 8

Sword: 18

Gun: 10

Doll: 12

Dagger: 10

Grenade: 5

Staff: 0

Potions: 7

Fishing: 6

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