Starting With Me

I'll cut to the chase. I'm not going to feed you any lies about some childhood disaster that sent me into a crazy new life of pirating. No. I did the same thing everyone else did. I typed in a username and password, and now I'm paying $100 a year. That's really my personality: Straight to the point and I'll die before I give up what I believe. I believe what I say and I say what I believe.


I'm sure that there are plenty of pirates out there that are fans of the Marceline Guild. Who can blame them? They're wise, strong, kind, and powerful. I'm not like that. I don't like the Marceline Guild that much, or any of the GMs for that matter. I have my reasons, and there are two to be precise. One: This doesn't include the Marceline, but all the other GMs really are evil. (Navy, EITC, Undead) Two: Glitches. Now I'm sure there are plenty of you who are constantly sending report after report of glitches to the GMs, who in turn fix or, in my opinion, destroy them. There are several reasons I love glitches with all my heart. They extremely useful, and although some may consider them "cheating" (which they are if you use them for foul play, but otherwise, are not) I often study them because they help me in other studies. There is plenty of interesting information the GMs keep from us you know. Glitches introduced me to many secrets, all of which I keep close to my heart. Glitches have good effects ,also. For example, they have been used in major wars to defeat pirate generals that have turned to the EITC. Also, they provide numerous forts for wars ,too. Thats right, I have my own bloody fort(s). (I'm working on some others.) If you would rather turn in a glitch for some bounty or reward, who am I to stop you? All the same, I hold my ground, and let all believe in what they believe in.

Coming Soon and Messages from Will Ironskull

Coming Soon

I'll be bringing lots of new sections about me and what I believe very soon, but I currently cannot name them. Also, do not expect me to supply any of my secrets to you publicly.


Message #1: Welcome to Will Ironskull's page! It's no much now, but I'll constantly be working on it. Also, I would not like any additional "help", so please refrain from editing my page unless it's a spelling or grammar correction. Thank you!

Message: Sorry, not much going on.

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