Now before you ask "What do you mean, Outer Heaven?" The point of this is, what is the place where you or your friends feel like you are safe, where you feel free, where you can be yourself, where you can just let everything be..normal?

Jim Logan

  • On Wikia- The reason being, I feel like I can tell 90% of you anything with only the most minor of repercussions in my personal life. Most of you are understanding and kind, caring people and actually listen and give a crap about each other. I was going to say "video games is where I feel safe" however, most of the people I've met on multiplayer could probably give less of a crap about me :/.

Keira Kinover-Mar

  1. Wikia- as Jim had mentioned in his, I can trust ya'll better than most of the people around me where I live, so I can vent to ya'll
  2. Video Games - when I don't feel like talking, I prefer to escape into that fantasy world or play with people I can tolerate, and by the way Jim—play with me and you'll be fine :P
  3. Writing - although I haven't been into this as I usually am, I escape by writing fiction in order to cope
  4. Sleeping - who doesn't love sleep?


  1. Life. It is also my Outer Hell.


inside my ass

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