This page is for all members of this wikia community to add funny pictures, or screenshots, or sych, which will then be in a competition every week! The participants will receive a page banner! Please contact Batorhos if you have any problems! He will be glad to assist you.


  1. When adding photos to the gallery, always include your user name for referance in the caption!
  2. No adding a photo that you didn't upload!
  3. All photos must be uploaded by you to get credit.
  4. No caliming to have uploaded a photo that is not your.
  5. Please do not spam this page with unnecessary photos!
  6. Add all photos to that week's gallery in which you wish to participate in!


The winning awards include! Use of these templates without permission is restricted and will result in banning from competition!

NOTE: The color patterns for both the templates' font color, and border vary depending on what you place!

Weekly Funny Moments Contest placed {{{1}}} in the WFMC on Week {{{2}}}!
Screenshot Trophy Weekly Funny Moments Contest placed {{{1}}} on week {{{2}}} in the WFMC!

Week 1 Photo Gallery

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