Another Pirate of Matthew Darkskull. More to come soon

Skill Points

Warcaster- Cannon
Shoot 1
Round Shot 4
Chain Shot 1
Grape Shot 1
Firebrand NA
Thunderbolt NA
Fury NA
Rapid Reload NA
Warcaster- Staff
Blast NA
Soul Flay NA
Pestilence NA
Wither NA
Flaming Skull NA
Banish NA
Concentration NA
Spirit Lore NA
Conservation NA
Warcasterl- Sailing
Left Broadside 1
Right Broadside 3
Full Sail 1
Come About 1
Open Fire NA
Ramming Speed NA
Take Cover NA
Treasure Sense NA
Task Master NA
Icon Skill Rank
Cutlass hack Hack 1
Cutlass slash Slash 1
Cutlass cleave Cleave 1
Cutlass flourish Flourish 3
Cutlass stab Thrust 3
Cutlass sweep Sweep 1
Cutlass brawl Brawl 1
Cutlass taunt Bladestorm NA
Cutlass parry Parry



Icon Skill Rank
Pistol shoot Shoot 1
Pistol take aim Take Aim 3
Lead Lead Shot 1
Venom Venom Shot 1
Bane Bane Shot NA
Gold Hex Eater Shot NA
Silver Silver Shot NA
Steel Steel Shot Na
Pistol sharp shooter Sharp Shooter NA
Pistol eagle eye Eagle Eye NA
Dagger dodge Dodge NA


Icon Skill Rank
Voodoo Attune Attune 5
Voodoo poke Poke 1
Voodoo swarm Swarm 1
Voodoo heal Heal 1
Voodoo curse Curse 4
Voodoo burn Scorch 1
Voodoo cure Cure 1
Voodoo shackle Grave Shackles 1
Voodoo life drain Life Drain 1


Icon Skill Rank
Dagger cut Cut 1
Dagger swipe Swipe 1
Dagger gouge Gouge NA
Dagger throw Asp 1
Dagger adder Adder 1
Dagger sidewinder Sidewinder NA
Dagger throw dirt Throw Dirt NA
Cutlass finesse Finesse NA


Icon Skill Rank
Grenade throw Throw 1
Grenade longvolley Long Volley 5
Grenade explosive Explosive 3
Grenade stinkpot Stink Pot 1
Grenade firebomb Flame Burst 1
Grenade smokecloud Smoke Cloud 0
Grenade determination2 Determination 2
Grenade demolition Demolitions 1

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