Wanted Men

Note: These men are armed and dangerous, please do not approach, if seen contact authorities immediately

Wanted: Da Pengun

Crime: Bringing in futuristic weapons to pirates that take countless decades to master, just touching one will most likely set it off and/or kill every single living thing

Reward: His futuristic Weapon (We sorta ran out of things to give, donations appreciated)

Current Location: If we knew we wouldn't be asking you to help find him now would we??

Last Seen: Nuclear Weapons Plant, With a big red button. Please, DO NOT PUSH THE BIG RED BUTTON!!!!!!!! The self destruct button is much safer.

Weapon: We don't really know looks like something from Star Wars, Commanding Officer Darth Vader has examined it and determined that its a thingy

You can Identify him by: Hes a talking penguin, with a gun. Hes definitely the only talking penguin with a gun last we checked.


Armed and Dangerous

Wanted: Bodger Bildbeagle

Crime: Several attempts on the life of Roger Wildeagle (Roger says Hi), Dangerously stupid,

Location: See bellow

Weapon: Hobo Swordo (Watch out it rhymes)

Stats: Evil (What did u expect?, hes a bad guy), Single

You can Identify him by: Hes the only hobo who can stare into your soul, and has a black + white beard.

Evil hobo

Hes real creepy like.

Wanted: "Lord" Leon

Crime: Idk this guy is on all the wanted lists, he did something to do with EITC blah blah blah im to lazy to read the articles

Location: Is it really necessary to put this?!

Wanted: Roger Wildeagle

Crime: Defying the laws of physics, making horrible pages, Making lots of spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, pages.

Looks: Awesome, we were going to say hes the only guy with a spiky green beard but St. Patrick's Day came around so now everyone has a spiky green beard. Who wants to hear about what i did today! You do! well first i woke up then i had bacon and eggs and my boss said that if i talk about my relationship problems on a wanted sign again he'll fire me.

Name: Bob the Pirate

Crime: Idk it reminds me of sushi, which reminds of the time i tried to eat lots of wasabi, which reminds me that it was spicy and not good. Raids all Japanese places in revenge for its brethren who have been eaten in sushi

Location: Where the Little Mermaid is

Favorite Weapon: Ocean Blast n Smash n Dash n Crash n Fast (its the top left sord in the picture)

Alliances: Friends with Fishy Fred, Nemo, the lobster from the little mermaid, You.

Note: I like sushi, COME AND GET ME BOB!!!!!!!!!!!! COME AND GET ME I DARE U!!!!!!!!!!!

Davy Gunfish

Davy Gunfish Wanted

Davy Gunfish's wanted poster.

Name: Davy Gunfish

Crime: Multiple crimes against the Eitc.

Location: Anywhere on Pirates Online


Name: Caesar

Crime: Destroying hundreds of villages in the Caribbean, crucifying "profligates", and generally being a fink.

Location: The Fort at Gulf

If seen: Um, just run like your life depends on it.... 'cause it does.

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