The Wand of the Dark Noah was a voodoo staff wielded only by the most renowned of mages in The Island of Despel. Like many of the other items on the island, the Wand was made of the polonium-coated minerals found deep within the mines. However, unlike other weapons that were simply used for war, this Wand was passed on for many generations and was known as not only a symbol of destruction, but also one of peace and new beginnings. For countless years, it had played a role in shielding the lone island from monsters and treasure-hungry raiders and keeping it safe as it developed. As with most other traces of the island, it was the lost during its destruction.


Perfect Pailing: The Wand was able to raise impenetrable barriers of varying sizes in order to protect the user and the island. This power was used countless times as a defense against attacking ships and monsters while ground forces engaged the opposition.

Lightning Launcher : A more destructive power, the Wand could also shoot massive spheres of built-up electrical energy to detonate it all at once and damage the opposition.

Renewing Force : A great restorative power, the Wand could even completely heal the otherwise fatal wounds of soldiers who had gotten injured protecting their homes.

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