Guild Userbox ImagePirate Virginia Company is a Pirate Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
The Virginia Company is a guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. It was founded by Enrique O'Rackham on the 6th of August 2010, at 17:41. The reason for its creation was the protection of the main islands at any cost from the evil Jolly Roger. Although the Royal Navy isn't a menace to the islands, they were a threat the Virginia Co. would face as well.

Apart from its main function, the Company also works in the recovery of El Patron's Lost Weapons from the EITC's hands in particular. The squadron specialized in this is Pride of Bandits. The role of this squadron is vital to the organization, as it is them who help arm every member and scout the Caribbean in search of weapons.

Talking about weapons, the uniform and armory of the VC is very reminiscent of that of the Navy Guards'. When the time to fight has come, a VC member wears a white linen shirt, blue highwater trousers, a red sash, black boots, a tricorn hat, a red vest and a yellow jacket (in the French squadron, the yellow jacket is changed for a blue one). His weaponry is as it follows: a flintlock musket as a primary weapon, a flintlock pistol, a cutlass and a dagger (different types of soldiers have grenades instead of knifes, voodoo dolls instead of pistols, etc.)

When peaceful times came, the Virginia Company tended to raid important EITC outposts such as Kingshead. However, sometimes its officers hanged out at the Rowdy Rooster, playing cards (betting campaign's loot), and drinking beloved rum.

However, with the discovery of Raven's Cove, the Virginia Co. sent several squads to explore the mysterious location... and soon, more than 150 men were lost in the midsty island. And just then, the EITC began chasing pirates who dared proclame themselves members of the guild; Rowdy Rooster was overcome with agents who began persecuting the most important members of the Company (see Operation Surepath). Now, a broken shadow of its glorious past, the Virginia Company is composed of pirates who hide in the darkness of the Caribbean, waiting for the moment to resurface and assure victory to pirates in the Pirate Wars... WE WILL RETURN.

Anybody who wishes to join or help, must first find Enrique O'Rackham. But this is no easy task - he's being heavily watched by the EITC. Who shall be the Chosen One who'll give us our pride back?

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