War Galleon

The Victory Voyager

The Victory Voyager is the war galleon of Robert Mcroberts.


The Victory Voyager was first seen sailing the Caribbean as an alternative while the Victory Voyager (War Frigate) was at dry dock. It was used to transport goods and other important cargo from bases, without worry of being attacked and sunk.

First Run

The first run of the Victory Voyager was getting the first shipment of Assassin's Pistols from Padres del Fuego to the storehouse on Rumrunner's Isle.

An enemy attack ship attempted to break the hull of the Victory Voyager, to no avail. When it made the mistake of attempting to ram, it's broadsides ripped through the enemy ship.

It completed its run, and saved the prototype of the Assassin's Pistol from the villany of marauders!


Today, the Victory Voyager is barely seen, but is still existent!

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