This Medal is recieved by all those in the Viceroyalty Co. Member's hall of fame!


Viceroyal Cross, Give to those who displayed great valour, bravery or merit

Robert Mcroberts

Rank at time: Guildmaster

Reason: Outstanding military tactic use in the field of battle.

Jack Seacutter

Rank at time: Veteran

Reason: Inventing the Viceroyal Repeating Rifle

John O'eagle

Rank at time: Veteran

Reason: Extremely Commendable ship manuevering quality and skill, saving an entire fleet from Spanish privateers.


Rank at time: Officer

Reason: Excellent politician, stopped several civil wars from starting.

Jack Stormwalker

Rank at time: Officer

Reason: Shown courage on battlefield, saving an entire regiment from destruction.

William Damproberts

Rank at time: Veteran

Reason: Excellent spywork against enemies

Kat Hexbones

Rank at time: Officer

Reason: Excellent political skills and army skills.

Johnny Dockshot

Rank at time: Officer

Reason: Led several charges against enemies, winning by landslides

John Breasly*

Rank at time: Officer

Negotiated a favourable peace treaty, prevent the destruction of the Second Army, has served the Guild faithfully and for a long time.

*Promotion made at request of Consul Robert Mcroberts, and the Senate

Congradulations to all these wonderful Guildmembers!

Chevalier-legion-dhonneur-republique Viceroyal Medal of Honor has earned the Viceroyal Medal of Honor.

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