The Veteran Fighters was a military guild who's first purpose was to keep the peace of Tortuga, however after about a month of when General Jack was added to the guild the Co. Empire was becoming a much larger nuisance. After about a month of debate the guilds new purpose was to protect the Caribbean, and piracy, from the Co. Empire, and the other Eitc guilds, and eventually win.


Geoffrey Pillrage: Guild-Master, King. Status: KIA

Isaiah Gunshot: Captain, 2nd in command. Status: KIA

Jack: General, 3rd in command. Status: Guild master of Veteran Fighters 2


Server: Vachira


  • Tortuga: Main Base
  • Cuba
  • Driftwood Island: Jacks Island
  • Padres Del Fuego: secret area
  • Rumrunners Isle
  • several assorted glitches places on, Port Royal, Isla De Etable De Pork, etc...

Chain of Command

GM: Geo.

Capt: Isaiah Gunshot

Gen: Jack

Lieutenant, Corporal, Colonel, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant, Specialist, Private First Class, Private, Cadet, Recruit

Guild Status



Sartina Family

Sartina Guild


The Co. Empire

Captain Jack, of the Veteran Warriors (talk) 20:26, August 27, 2013 (UTC)GM, Jack of the Veteran Fighters 2

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