This Community Vote has Ended!

The side of Support won in the vote!


Dovahkiin full body by dremoravalkynaz-d4e2mwu
This is a Community Vote !

Please do not spam this page with unnecessary comments.

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deletion of unnecessary comments.
This is an Administrative Blog!

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From the SSC:

"This seemed inevitable. Squirto has been one of our most active users in recent memory, combined with a respectable amount of experience and commendable judgment. In addition, he has served as "temp-admin" for quite some time now, attending to a myriad of old coding errors and even introducing new features for us to enjoy in chat. His tenure as temp-admin has been invaluable to us all, and considering our recent increase in traffic, I believe it's time for him to make the leap from temp admin to full admin."

Just a quick reminder of our policy regarding voting:

  • You must have at least 50 edits, be an active user, and must have created one article in order to be eligible to vote on community appeals. These edits must be made on pages in the mainspace, comments will not be counted as pages.
  • An active user is defined a user who has made fifty mainspace edits in good faith within the past four months. Users who are active in chat but are not necessarily the most active editors will be allowed an appeal on the Seven Seas Court Board.
  • A list of approved voting users can be found here.


  1. WaglingtonŒ
  2. Lord Andrew Mallace
  3. Johnny Goldtimbers
  4. Nults McKagan
  5. LawIronhawk
  6. Victoria Risa Diverti


  1. ZoomerStrife


1. Leonhard Bosch

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