Me and a few of the other Pirate Lords made a decision. I figured I should make this announcement public so everybody understands what's changing in the Brethren Court. The change is difficult for me to describe without confusing people, but I'll try my best.

The jist of it is that the "pirate nations" of the Brethren Court are no longer a thing. These nations still exist, and they are still currently housed under one single guild, but the roleplay of the Brethren Court and the roleplay of its former nations becomes separate. The "Brethren Court" does not become involved in, for example, a war in which Haiti or the Ottoman Empire is invaded. Likewise, Haiti, the Ottoman Empire, the Netherlands and Russia do not get involved in the struggle between pirates and EITC/Royal Navy/anybody who opposes piracy.

The Brethren Court's involvement in Nation Roleplay will pretty much just be limited to fighting nations that want to actively stop piracy. Despite these nations and the Court being housed in one guild, roleplaying as nations and roleplaying as pirates will be done separately.

I'll be answering any questions and/or requests for an alliance with the newly pirate-free Haitian government if you leave a comment or direct-message me either on wiki chat or Discord. Thanks.


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