It is November 15, 1721. The savage brutal fighting between Spain and France has been raging in the Caribbean for over 3 years. After what seemed like an eternity of neither side pulling ahead, the French have begun to push back the Spanish. Over the last month, the Spanish Armada has suffered humiliating defeat after defeat against the French Armadas of Jack Swordmenace's L'Asile Pirate Navy, the 5th Brethren Court Navy, the Francis Brigade Navy, El Bandidos Navy, and many EITC Armadas have also begun to attack Spanish ships as relations in Europe have soured between England and Spain. It looks like the Spanish have nowhere left to turn. The Spanish domination in the world is imponent, even tho, France & England are teamed up together to stop the Spanish. But the Spanish Invincible armada is non-stoppable.

NOTICE: Many of this is actually historical. New Spain and New France in the New World fought for almost a hundred years over trade routes to and from Mexico and the Caribbean, mostly for the slave trade and the mass production and exportation (to Europe) of sugar. The Spanish had controlled the New World from 1519 (Cortes) until the early 18th century, when the tide turned against them.

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