Everyone in the Caribbean, has belonged to at least one guild or another We all know what kind of friendships and loyalties it can lead to. But we also know the darker side of guilds. Guild wars. When two people share such hatred for the other and send all of their Guild to attack the enemy, with no consent of their own. Why do we fight for some small letters under our name? Why do we fight in the name of someone we hardly know? We are mere pawns in a game that is being played only for the Guildmaster's profit. Each one believes they are in the right, wanting to fight and crush their enemies, for the sake of for more power. But now I say this must end. With each and every Pirate, EITC, or anything else you consider yourself. If we continue down the tunnel of darkness we are on, the light behind us will only get smaller and smaller, until it is gone forever. We can turn this around, treat each other with the respect and kindness we all deserve, no matter where loyalties lie. Even if you are EITC or Pirate, is it really worth squabbling over such trifle things. We all hear daily of the "horrible" Captain Leon and how his "evil power grows daily". But it is US with OUR fighting that gives us the power. The evil we imagine in these people, Leon, Wager, or anyone else you might believe to be a demon, is all in our heads. By thinking they are evil, we give them power. That is why I say, we must join together, not to fight our enemies, but to welcome them with open arms. We all go through the same things, all have the same experiences, all feel the same emotions, so why fight someone who is so similar to you, so similar that you might be brothers? We must unite as Brothers, or the Blood of our Fathers, the Blood of our Sons, all will run together, and wash away the memories of our madness. The World will be cleansed... in Blood...

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