Tom gunhound was raised as a farmer. But knew he had a different past then just a farmer. He set out to find his past but then came to a dead end. He met a local gypsy. Tia Dalma, He found out his father was a pirate. A famed one, his name was Delmaria. Last name no one knows, he set out in his fathers footsteps the next night he went to tortuga and got ready for his pirate adventures he bought a frigate pirate clothes and his fathers look. He sailed the seas and became a famed pirate.

He was gone for 7 months but here is his journal.

June 12, 1678.

"Its been 3 days without water. If anyone found this I hope Im still alive a sword through my leg. Can't find jolly anywhere. We got shipwrecked on a weird island all this ghosts. My crew is dead but my first mate Ben Wildwalker is still alive. Can't find any food. Nothing this place has to be cursed. May be dead in the next hours, There are red ghosts we killed 5 of them. They keep coming, We are working on a light sloop we hope we can get out of here alive."

September 14, 1680

"Found water, Found food. We are at tortuga home, we made it out there alive we are telling the stories we named the place, "Ravens Cove" we also met some strange fish we named one the "Fog Bell" and the "Fire Dragon" we hope this story will be a legend. From a local farmer at port royal to a huge success. We found a new sword a cursed sword we like to call it. A local Gypsy in cuba named Tia Dalma A old friend of mine she is. Put some voodoo magic it in. It is very odd you can feel a great powerful force in it ye can."

Tom Gunhound is still alive today living in Tortuga in Cozila Ocean. He is open for friends and would love to meet new pirates.

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