Opening (Prelude) 

The time has come to pass on my story. I have told bits but not all. You all will get to hear it if you chose.


I was first part of the Dutch Calvary during a conflict wth Britain, I enlisted as a Private First Class and was promoted all the way up to Sergeant. I earned a Good Conduct citation and then was honorably discharged from service. I refused and reenlisted in the Infantry Reserves and became a Cadet at a military institute. I took a little bit of medical school and a bit of legal so I could be a loyar or surgeon. I chose surgeon.

I was then picked to go to selection for an EITC Honor Guard. I passed with flying colors and soon was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. I served for a long period of time and made it to be a Captain. I was then given the opprotunity to become a Colonel and earn the title of count (From my father) I accepted. I became a Colonel and Count and Chief of the Royal Dutch Reserve Army. I served until demoted to Lance Corporal for a matter I will due to the paper work going missing. I then joined the Colonial Corps.

Colonial Corps

I served as a Drill Instructor for a while then transfered and did Regular Infantry, still training


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