The Warhawk Family weapons are special weapons that have been in the Warhawk Family for generations. It is said that the weapons are cursed, as the first user, Vito fredo de Warhawk, cursed them with his dying breath. The known weapons are here:

  1. The Assassin Cutlass: A powerful weapon, which Vito Warhawk cursed, and made it poison the enemy.
  2. Bush master Pistol: Don Warhawk's personal handgun, also was cursed by him when he was killed.
  3. Privateer's Bayonet: A very powerful musket, useful for sniping, and is said to have a special ghost form...
  4. Defender Staff: A special staff that was used by Carla Warhawk, the first gypsy in the Warhawk Family.
  5. More Coming Soon...

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