The war between Jolly Roger, The EITC, and the navy is brutal. We needed more land that they could never find. A spot to hide when a meeting of attack was in order. A place to have fun and meet with friends. A place too go when things were bad for you. I discovered a place no navy or EITC would want to be. Or could get too. Jolly Roger would get angry when he saw what is was. The Underground. Down there you could hide and play poker or blackjack. It's a little small but you could also find crates and barrels for food and water. It could fit a lot of people even for it's size. You can also practice you're aim on other supplise. I know how too talk with those EITC black sharks. They can be friendly with you if you wear the right outfit and were part of the navy patrol. I fear though, one day spies will be sent into our number. So I can't reveal how too get in. We can't always go to this place to hide. It will suit our needs for now...

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