Chapter I

Christopher Isabella, a Spanish adventurer, living in Texas, wakes up. He starts thinking about a gang raiding tons of people near O'riley Farm, where his girlfriend, Aileen O'Riley lives 8 miles from town. He suddenly felt a bad feeling and jumped on his white steed. Eventually, he made it in time to see a fire at the house starting. He jumped down from his horse and snuck into the house with a dagger in hand. Luckily, the fire hadn't gotten hot yet, so he went through safely. He saw one of the gang members with a torch on the stairs, and slit his throat. Then, another gang member spotted him and yelled "There's an intruder, ki-" his voice was cut short with the dagger in his head. Chris grabbed his dagger and fought off a couple of the criminal scums. He located Aileen and got him and her locked in a room. The mercenaries were beating down the door. He was on the second floor, and there was only one way out. He yelled "Hold on tight" and he leaped out of the window right before the gang members broke down the door. They got on the stallion and rode off with arrows being shot at them.

Chapter II

Christopher and Aileen. finally arrived at Christopher's house, and went to bed together. A bit later, they started hearing a noise. Christopher went to the door and opened it. He yelled "Throw me the knife!" after spotting the mercenary. Aileen couldn't find it, so Christopher quickly kicked him, and banged him against the glass window. The sellsword quickly died. "Damn, they know who we are. We need to get out of here." They quickly started packing the wagon. Christopher sold the 3 donkeys for two donkeys and a mule. They started heading off to San Antonio de Bexar, a nice stop.