The Weapons In All Their Glory


The Serpent, before being inducted into the EITC (see his page) was an apprentice to a highly skilled blacksmith. Even though he dropped this skill for many years, when he tried his hand at it later, he still had the skill of a master. As such, The Serpent created a series of Weapons, all with unique skills, Voodoo and otherwise. He uses them only in major battles, and most of the time they are kept in a place only known as The Serpent's Hole, his lair, and only he knows where it is and how to get in. There are 5 of these legendary weapons, all are either swords or daggers and all were forged by the Serpent himself. They all have several qualities that are the same throughout the 5:


1. They are all crafted from a unique metal, a combination of Black Navy Steal, EITC Silver, and a small amount of bone dust from all 4 of Jolly Roger's Generals.

2. They were forged by the heat of Padres Del Fuego volcano, giving them a natural fiery quality.

3. All have been tempered in a poison that was formed by combining the toxins from all the venomous creatures and plants in the Caribbean, making them lethal with just a single slash.

4. During the creation of these weapons, The Serpent had the Voodoo mistress, Heartless Rosaline curse them, but all in slightly different ways. She also used the power of Voodoo to make them amazingly sharp, just running a finger over them is enough to elicit the flow of blood.

5. There is only one of each, and the exact instructions, are unknown except to The Serpent, and perhaps Heartless Rosaline.

These Weapons are:

1. The Serpent's Kiss - a Cutlass stained with The Serpent's own blood. Powerful against just about everything, Including the inhabitants of Isla Tormenta. Has the cumulative power of all the other weapons

2. The Fiery Rage - a Broadsword laced with hardened and purified magma (and the metal mentioned above) form the Padres Del Fuego Volcano. Particularly effective against Navy Swine.

3. The Icy Vengeance - a Sabre Tempered in Icy Saltwater from the bottom of the world (and as mentioned above, poison) and can freeze anything with just a touch. Particularly effective against EITC Forces.

4. The Lightning Nightmare - a Dagger struck by lightning and imbued with its power, electrocutes anything it makes contact with. Particularly effective against The Undead Hordes.

5. The Snake Fangs - a set of Throwing Knives with a handle carved the Fang of an Anaconda, encased in the metal mentioned above, giving it the power to summon an animal of the users choice, though it works best with snakes and reptiles. Particularly effective against the Critters, plant/critters of the Caribbean, and the Crew of Davy Jones.