The Sea Guardian is a legendary warrior that was created by Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, and King of the Ocean.

The Creation of the Sea Guardian

Thousand of years ago, Poseidon saw a vision of the sea's fate in the future. He came to fear of what he saw. So to make sure that this catastrophe does not happen, he came up of a plan to create a warrior who is train to protect the sea. Gathering all of the Sea Gods around the world to tell them about his vision and his plan, Poseidon convinced them to join in the line of the Sea Guardian: Where each Sea God will get a turn to choose a mortal to train them of the martial arts, combat, magic, and secrets of the sea..

Since Poseidon was the one who created the plan, he gets to choose the first Sea Guardian. Choosing a Sea Guardian can take a single day or take a thousand years to choose. And it was until a women named Amelia Stonehallow was chosen to be the first. And despite very little local tells of Amelia as the Sea Guardian, she proved to be a rather powerful first comer. Today Amelia would be known as the Glittering Girl. But before Amelia was transformed by Tia Dalma, also known as Calypso, she was Poseidon's chosen one. But due to Calypso's grudge against Poseidon, she transformed Amelia into the Glittering Girl the moment she set foot on Cuba. Despite Calypso's treachery, Poseidon's plan was a success, and he hopes now that the next Sea Guardian could become just as powerful as Amelia was, maybe more powerful. Due to Calypso being Poseidon's most trusted, despite the grudge she has on him, she is to choose the next Sea Guardian.

When a Sea God chooses a new Sea Guardian, the chosen one must past a test that is secretly given to them by their god. If the chosen one passes the test, they will be given the secrets and powers of the sea. If not, they are not worthy to be the Sea Guardian in any way. The test is to show that they are strong enough to take on the challenges of the sea.

Their has not been a Sea Guardian for a hundred years. not since Amelia's downfall. But eventually, Calypso in the guise of Tia Dalma has chosen her Sea Guardian and is now active throughout thte Caribbean.

Known Sea Guardians were/are:

Amelia Stonehallow - Now known as the Glittering Girl

Zachary - Known by the nickname "The Scourge of Scourges"

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