Welcome to the Diary of the Royal Imperial Co! Feel free to add to this page if your EITC or in the guild, (The Royal Imperial Co. is EITC) We will add the best entries to the guild page! Please add a new heading for each new entry.


Log Entry #1

Today Captain Leon launched an attack on our guilds fort (KIngshead). We overrun him after much effort and many poeople were lost from each sides. My friend was captured. I hope Nate will not surrender to Leon he is a good friend and I dont want him to betray us. Also I have been promoted to Second in Command of guild, and I feel honered of my new position.

-Will right again soon, Lord E. Wildrat

Log Entry #2

Disaster has struck today. Great lord Hernandez issused the order with the guild votes in majority that we would declare independence against the self appointed leader of the EITC, Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard. He did not take this lightly, and in a fury he sent an Armada of ships to Outcast Isle. Due to recent information, Cad Bane was found allying himself with potentially dangerous pirates. He and his guild were furious about the news becoming public, and they sent their ships as well. Some of our guild members tried to adress treaty and explain with them, to no avail. The insult would not be taken back. Black officers and our once great ally, Co Republic are against us, as well as their allies. After a great battle happened, and Black officers won. We must be ever vigilant.

Now that i cleared that up, i suppose i should still feel a bit gratified, as i have just completed my Ghost training. I hope i may put any amount of my skills to god use.

- {Classified}

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