January 16th, 1720

Tortuga Graveyard, Five Feet underground

I woke up and saw wood, I looked around and started to wonder if I lived, then I thought lived through what? I was partying at the Bahamas and??? Wound up here. Tried pushing through opening, no progress, I got up and started to push, dirt fell in, I let the dirt in to the point where I could climb out of the hole I was buried into. I saw a man digging a grave and asked, "How did I end up here?" He looked at me in a frightened way.

"Um, you died?"

"What" I chuckled but I could tell he was serious.

"Yep, you were shot by a cannon"



"Can you help me out of here?"

"Sure" I started to look at some of the other graves and came across one of the sailors,

"He died too!"


"Where's all the others!" Port Royal Cemetery, they were actually slaughtered by the EITC when they boarded your ship. I sat down,

"Wow, torn down so quickly" " So how am I still alive?"

"Go ask Doc Grog" So his reawakening end there.

  • Read RECOVERED ENTRY in Simon TreasureHawk

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