The Pirate's Journal , Article I

The Beggining

Hello, I am Basil Tackcrash. I might be big and strong but i am only 15 I was born in October of 1771 In Padres Del Feugo and currently living there. I have taken the time to make paper from trees and make a Journal for my life. My Mother Is ill, and has for about 3 weeks. My Dad is Struggling to work. My Brother Edgar is younger than me, All he does is pretend to care about what the Quarry Men teach him about. As For me i am furious, I knock down the Undead Beats From the Lava Gorges, to The Newly discovered Catacombs. I am Part Of The Padres Army. Just Today!. As For my Friend William O'Wallace he has been in the Padres Army for about 2 years now. Ive been told that Padres was going to be invaded, big i disagree. Padres Future stands tall to my point of view. But, The EITC Has robbed island around the coast of Padres.

Well I am glad I've started my journal, I must go now. My Mother is needing the medecine or otherwise she might pass away.

- June 23, 1786

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