After years of fighting the EITC, Spain and amoungst themselves, the Courts banded together under the 5 rulers to form the Pirate Nation with their Capital being Shipwreck Cove and their language adopting every language and having a Pirate accent being called "Piratish". In 1745, The Pirate Nation was declined a spot in the League of Nations. The Pirate Republic was deemed a world nation and given a spot in the League of Nations.


  • The 6th Brethren Court Members
  • The 7th Brethren Court Members
  • The 5th Brethren Court Members


List of Allies


Shipwreck Cove

Military Forces

  1. L'Asile Pirate Navy
  2. Francis Brigade
  3. The Illustrious Front Lines
  4. Assassins Of POTCO
  5. one idoit named Isaiah Gunshot


  1. Jolly Roger
  2. Pearson
  3. Spain

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