The PA is an award ceremony created by Matthew DarkskullTalk

  • Add your name to a catagory if you wanna join. There are only 4 spots per week If you win First Place you can' Join again for a week.
  • Meet Matthew in Game if your in 1 of the catagories and he'll see what you have got.
  • Put your name below if u wanna join.
  • Note: You fight or do the requirements to get the reward.

Best Glitcher

You must show me your best glitches and get into glitches i get into to win. Whoever has the best score wins.

Unlimited Access Only Glitch = 100 points

A Glitch i Dunno = 100 plus 200 points if you tell me

Glitch i know = 50 points

10 gltiches per person

  1. Richard Goldvane
  2. Captain Shadow Sail
  3. Jeremiah Stormwash (User:Bator.hos)

Best Pvper

This weeks contestants and the pvper they will pvp with is below. MEET ME IN GAME AND POST TIMES ON MY TALK PAGE OR COMMENT WHEN U CAN COMPETE.

Final Round: Remy vs. Richard Goldvane

  1. Captain Johnny
  2. Remy
  3. Richard Goldvane

That was stupid bc he was always afk so i could not pvp him...

~Captain Johnny

Best Dresser

Add your picture and i will rate it then add the score in the caption You may not enter another person. They have to enter themseleves. Unless youe siblings

  1. Geo Treasurestealer O'hawk & Co.
  2. JackDaggermenace0 Edits 03:16, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

Best Captain

You must not have a crew on board and i will decide who wins. If you run away for over a minute your opponet is the Winner.This will be in Ship pvp. So this weeks competitors are...

Richard Goldvane vs. Jack Swordmenace

Captain Shadow Sail vs. ???

Note from Goldvane :

Winner vs. Winner

  1. Richard Goldvane
  2. Jack Swordmenace
  3. Captain Shadow Sail
  4. Sail Gets automatic third place right now untill i get jack and richard a real ship pvp ships only.

Best Pirate Lord/King

  1. Jeremiáh Stormwash ~ Lord of Voodoo 00:38, January 3, 2011 (UTC)
  2. JackDaggermenace0 Edits 03:15, January 3, 2011 (UTC)


Post on my talk page what other catagories there should be. These are the only ones i could think of.


TELL ME WHEN U CAN GET IT DONE. YOU NEED TO TELL ME BY TOMORROW OR I WILL PICK MYSELF saorry for caps and plz tell me - Matthew DarkskullTalk

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