The Phantom Flourisher was a massive, 40-Cannoned ship that transported goods from Cascade to Arlia after its creation in 1691. After her creation, not only did she act as a way of transportation for goods, but she was also equipped with Cannons after Ivory Bay became a popular target for raider attacks. Blasting raider ship after raider ship right out of the water, it made the Ivory Bay's other defenses obsolete as it outclassed them in every way. From Speed, to Firepower, and with the addition of multitasking, it became a symbol of the Ivory Bay and still is, even after its downfall in 1741. Many people have reporting seeing the likeness of The Phantom Flourisher sailing through the waters at sunset, still carrying out its duty - to protect Ivory Bay.

The Phantom Flourisher


The Flourisher was originally made as a means of transporting goods between Ivory Bay's two main powers. However, because of the increasing invasions on both of these powers, the ship was equipped with cannons so that it could put up at least some resistance - the results surpassed the expectations, and it became The Guardian of the region.

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