Est. July 26, 2013

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Guildmater Basil Tackcrash

Welcome To The Outkast Guild Page!!

Our Guild

The Outkast Guild was started on July 26, 2013 by Basil Tackcrash ( former GM of Pirate Fury Co ). As a known GM he starts the guid in favor of helping nearby pirates and enjoying the grand game of Pirates Online. We have a helpful and kind staff of Officers too who are a very big part of our new success.

Our Guild is new. Meaning, we're not a very guild guilld. Currently sitting at 21 members, our guild is certainly looking for brand new pirates to join us!. We do have members and officers oftenly going to General Darkheart on Abassa ( best chance of finding one ).

We currently have no restricitons on who we invite right now. But restricitions may be added in the next few weeks. We do have a set of rules though that we wish for everyone to follow

Guild Rules

  • Be Kind, Respect all other members in the guild
  • Do not ask for any type of guild promotion
  • Always be present to Guild meetings/events (unless afk or offline)
  • Do not cause drama inside or inside of guild (Wars, fights, etc)

Keep Up With The Guild!

We Currently have a guild code set up for new members to come and sign up. We also have a guild YouTube account that we will post promotional and update videos about our guild. If anyway has any questions or comments please ask here. Thank Ye!

Guild Invitational Code - SACK8637 (Limited and Unlimited Use)

Guild Youtube Channel - MoGold85 (Shared by me and Molly)

Thank Ye For Reading This Page!! - The Outkast

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Member being applauded for no real reason

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