This government is ruled by Lord Robert,

West-India Government Flag

Guildmaster of the Co. Empire United

and High Lord of the Co. Alliance Government. The West-India Government is a a banking, trade and weapons supplier.


This Government supplies many weapons to any suppliers depending if they could handle the price range. Also the Government of West-India has loads of money and invests in other governments international.


Gallery of Flags


There will be userboxes for members of this government coming soon.

Co Alliance The Official Government of West-India is a(n)/the ally in the Co. Alliance Govenment!
India-flag-1- (55x37) The Official Government of West-India is a member of the The Official Government of West-India!
800px-Flag of Persia (2).svg-1- (55x18) The Official Government of West-India is a(n)/the ally of the The Persian Government!


So far Lord Robert is the President but there are other postions that need to be filled.

President/Founder- Lord Robert

Lord Robert

Edgar Wildrat Is Secretary Of Defense


In the middle

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