Murete Tribe.

The Murete Tribe in the Gauntlet of Horror.

The Murete ( Mur-ta ) Tribe is a powerful group of Undead. They arent as ' Programmed-ish ' as regular skeletons. Lead by General Dreadeye, the Murete Tribe has some very rare skeleton types such as

Undead Slayers. They live deep in underground caves on Padres and, Raven's Cove.

If a pirate is to go wondering around Raven's Cove and look hard enough, they will find the entrance to the Gauntlet of Horror. A dreadful place full of traps and doom. This is the nesting place for the Murete Tribe. They are made of Undead French and spanish, Undead Slayers, and worst of all.. their leader is an Undead Grock! These types of skeletons are SOOO powerful that ( If they have enough voodoo ) they can kill a pirate by touch!

How the Tribe formed.

With the help of Rage Ghosts, this Tribe was formed on Raven's Cove. Alot of skeletons who werent AS loyal to Jolly formed an alliance. Rage Ghosts agreed to give them power and warriors in return for souls. This is why General Dreadeye is so powerful... he was given the power... SOMBER DEMISE! With the mix of Rage Ghosts and powerful undead, these warriors are 50% unstopable! They can be killed, but they constantly grow SOO much that no one has found a way to get rid of them.

See also :

Undead Slayer
Undead Slayer

An Undead Slayer. Part of the Murete Tribe

The Gauntlet of Horror.

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