Midnight serpent

The Midnight Serpents, backed by the twilight sky

The Midnight Serpent is a War Sloop under the command of The Serpent. A re-named EITC Corsair, The Midnight Serpent is blazingly fast and The Serpent uses her when he needs to get somewhere he can't teleport to quickly, Kingshead for example. The Midnight Serpent is also the ship that The Serpent stores his equipment and various treasures on, due to the fact that She has the most spacious cabins. The Key to those quarters, The Serpent keeps on his person at all times. As mentioned above, The Midnight Serpent is incredibly fast, normal speed at 11 Knots, Full Sail at 15 Knots, and 20 Knots at Ramming Speed. She is also the favorite amongst The Serpent's fleet

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