What is the Midnight Runner?

The Midnight Runner, are ships used by the Francis Brigade. They are used for people who are Francis Brigade loyal. It can be any kind of brand of ship. These ships have been seen in lots of battles and usually is the last sight of many enemies. One of Francis Bluehawk leader of the brigade signature ship the midnight runner ( war galleon ) which leads fleets and is a leading fleet ship, has cannon shot and bullets stuck in the side of the ship. The ship has massive 54 pounder cannons which can smash through a entire war frigate's castle ( the part of the ship which has the stairs leading up near the front ). The ship is currently on the island of Perdida, yes on the island! And is siting in the small river to make improvements. The ship is having a expensive luxury added a iron and steel coating. Each bar of steel costing 40 gold pieces each! and each iron bar costing 2 gold pieces each! over all 3,000 steel bars were used costing a whooping 120,000 gold pieces! And 3,000 iron bars costing 6,000 gold pieces. Overall, the plating of metal was 4 inches thick, enough to stop bullets and round shot from a 24 pounder.

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