Ah... Legend says that Francis Pillagefoote made this blade himself. He mixed all of this things together including, Silver, Metal, Gold, Bronze, Steel, Platinum, Cover over with Crystals, and Covered over that Emerald. This sword contains the most valuable materials! The resale valued is 5,000,000 Gold!&nbsp It is also the sharpest sword in the game. He made two just in case one got lost. One day he lost it! But he had the second one. It also says in the legend that it has 200 attack!

Attacks and Abilites:

  • New attack: Turn around cut
  • New attack: Blade Tornado (Does five times the amout of damage Blade Storm does!)
  • New attack: Devil Shackels (Shackels the opponet for 5 minutes)
  • New attack: Death Storm (Kills any level 40 or lower in sight and level higher does 1/2 damage to them)
  • New attack: Cut (Breaks opponets Sword or any other weapon)
  • (All attacks)
  • Abilites:
  • New Ability: Revieve (Revieve's you when knocked out)
  • (All abitites!)

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