300px-Cutlass K

Attack: 560

This Lost Cutlass was crafted by Slappy many years ago. Once the player takes out the weapon, wherever they step will glow very brightly. The Moonwalk of Death, Circle Slide, and Sunwalk are similar to the Flaming Skull ability. In order to wield the weapon, you must obtain the Glove of Slappy.


Moonwalk of Death - Rank 5 ~ Defeats all enemies behind the wielder.

Circle Glide - Rank 5 ~ Defeats all enemies left and right of the wielder.

Sunwalk - Rank 5 ~ Defeats all enemies in front of the wielder.

Cyclone Spin - Rank 5 ~ Defeats all enemies in sight.

Requires the Glove of Slappy and Level 30 Sword

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