Zeke II : So what is your realation to Zeke?

Jonathan : Well, we're two of the three of the last Tanatanakuhns.

Zeke II : I see.

The two went to Jonathan's training room.

Jonathan : Now let's see what you can do.

'The two sparred with their bare hands for a little while.

Jonathan : You do well!

Zeke II : I had special training from Zeke.

Jonathan : Ohhh....

Zeke II : Let's try fencing.

Jonathan : Ok.

They fought eachother and Zeke II won.

Zeke II : I had special sword training too.

Jonathan : What a nice way to start the day.


The door blew up.


Jonathan : What the...?

Zeke II : Who are y- Zeke II was cut off by a choke hold.

? : I am Dastardly Ellison Akken Dekoda, or Dead for short.

Jonathan : Put him down, it's me ya want.

Dead dropped Zeke II.

Jonathan : Take this you scumbag!

Jonathan cut a rope sending a platform with bags of cannons falling on Dead.

Dead : OWWWW!!!!! What was that for?

Jonathan : YOU MUST DIE!

Jonathan stabbed Dead between the eyes, but being muscular and 7.6 paid off, Dead survived it.

Jonathan : HEY! How come you didn't die?

Dead ran away like a little girl.

Dead : I'll ow get ow you ow Jonathan ow Wright ow!

Jonathan : Then, YOU MUST DIE!

Dead : I will OW kill you OW some day OW!

Jonathan : That'll the day that YOU WILL DIE!

Zeke II : Could you cut the YOU WILL DIE and YOU MUST DIE stuff out already?

Jonathan : Ok, but it sounds cool like this, YOU MUST DIE!

Zeke II : SHUT UP!

Jonathan : Oh sorry.

It was night so they both went to their bedroom, they shared a bunk bed.

Jonathan In His Sleep : YOU MUST DIE!

Zeke II : Oh ( beep! )

Tune in next time for The Life of Zeke II 3 : Dead Must Die

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