Xilefs guild is a very big one, his target number of people was 100 but he has got past that target and now is at 158 people in his guild.

Xilefs guilds server is Hassigos and are half way through taking it over.


Xilef started the game as a good navy man with a big crew, but one day he took his crew out to sea and did very well at sinking jolly rogers cursed war ships. But then he thought he could take another one down with little life for his ship, he did very well at the start and then boarded at the end.He fought on with his brave crew eventualy his crew were all killed by cursed scum' and then even Xilef was taken down.While he was onboard the cursed ship he changed his ways killing many inisint people and marines,'HE BECAME A ,PIRATE!

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