The French Pirate Navy is a guild of French Pirates. The guild was created for military use only. Anyone is more than welcome to join. We are currently building a fleet of warships. Contact Captain Jack Swordmenace for more info.


The guild's anthem.

FRENCH Patriotic Song - Le Chant du départ -1794 - 1st part Lyric, 2nd part Music only02:53

FRENCH Patriotic Song - Le Chant du départ -1794 - 1st part Lyric, 2nd part Music only


The French Pirate Navy WILL be officially be put into full use while in the war vs the EITC and Lord Leon.

The French Pirate Navy guild was created on 13.11.

The French Navy earned its first win against the EITC in mid-November

During the French-Spanish war The L'asile Navy earned many victories against the Spanish Armada!!!! resulting in a French Victory!!!!!

BASE: French Tower(exuma)

(Future Prime HQ) L'asile

TYPE: Military

Use: war against Captain Leon

FLAGSHIP: The Golden Maelstrom

Guild: United Pirate Army

Join Code:XBYR3495

Top Four Ranks:

Jack Swordmenace: Grand Admiral, Guildmaster

Captain John Fatbeard: Admiral

Captain Jim Logan - High Commodore(ill come back, ill help end this war any way possible)

John Stormshot: Vice Admiral

Naval Ranks: Ensign, Private, Quarter Master, Lieutenant, Captain , Commodore , Vice Admiral, , Admiral, High Commodore, Grand Admiral.

Army Ranks: Private, Corporal, Staff Sergeant (Drill Sergeant), Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Captain, Major, Brigadier General, General, Field Marshal

Royal Guard Ranks: Cadet, Guard, Marine, Veteran, sergeant, officer, first officer,lieutenant, first lieutenant, Marshal of the Guard


Flag of the Navy

The Council of Five

Having established an effective military force and a strong, loyal group, Jack has begun to look towards leadership.

As of now, his 3 most trusted men are Nate Blueshot, William Ironsteel, and Captain John Fatbeard.

They currently compose the Grand Generals and soon shall compose of the Council of Five, Jack's highest generals and admirals, once a decision on the other 2 generals/admirals are made.


The United Pirate Army is looking to grow! We are an open guild that believes a pirate's best attribute is not his level or weapons but his heart and determination. Basic and Unlimited access may join!

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