The Kingdom of Haven is a place of wonders and beauty, having one of the most beautiful and regal landscapes in the world. Although it doesn't have a formidable army as of yet, it is constantly backed by its incredible list of allies. -Travel Guide

Haven's Flag


When Mar awoke on solid ground, the Woman of Red approached him as she saw him fall. Standing from the rubble, Mar wooed the Woman of Red and wed her. Realizing they did not have a permanent place to live, including the rest of the mortals, Mar began to gather them up in communion to build a kingdom - the Kingdom of Haven. After many years - battling storms and Marauders, they succeeded. The Kingdom of Haven was realized, a place of safety, community, and survival.

(Look to "History of Haven" for more information.)


City/Province, Island Royalty/High Ranks Living There
Urbs autem Salus (City of Haven), Tongatapu Queen Netjeretkau (Keira Kinover-Mar), Princess Neferuptah (Zenobia Kinover-Mar)
?, Ha'api To be added
?, Vava'u To be added
?, Viti Levu To be added
?, Tafahi To be added
?, Niue To be added
?, Lau-Inseln To be added
?, Vanau Levu To be added
?, Futuna To be added
?, Upolu To be added
?, Tutuila To be added
?, Niuafo'ou To be added
?, Savai'i To be added
?, Mata'utu To be added

Information on the Kingdom

Capital: Urbs autem Salus (City of Haven)

Royal Residence: Palace of Ra

Population: 1,000,000+

Government: Democratic Monarchy

Ethnicities: Mixture

Languages: English, Coptic*, Mixed Indigenous Languages

Monarch(s): Queen Netjeretkhau (Keira Kinover-Mar), Princess Neferuptah (Zenobia Kinover-Mar)

Religion: Ancient Egyptian Pantheon*

  • After having lived in Egypt for a time, the culture has influenced and brought significant changes to the islands.



Current Treasury - 300,000 Orbs (£3,000,000; 1 Orb = 10 Gold)


Cattle: Trading to Austria, Switzerland

Milk: Trading to Austria, Switzerland

Ore: Trading to Austria, Switzerland

Oceanic Artifacts: Trading to Switzerland

Medicinal Herbs: Trading to Austria, Denmark, Switzerland


Iron: Trading from Switzerland

Chocolate: Trading from Switzerland

Steel: Trading from Switzerland

Wheat: Trading from Austria

Smoothies: Trading from Austria

Venison: Trading from Switzerland

Lumber: Trading from Switzerland

Foreign Relations

Nation Leader(s) Standings Relation
The Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland
  • King George II
  • Prime Minister Giovanni Goldtimbers
  • Neutral
  • Neutral
The Kingdom of Spain
  • King Ferdinand VI
  • Neutral
  • Neutral
The Kingdom of France & Navarre King Louis Philippe I
  • Neutral
  • Neutral
The Kingdom of the Netherlands

King August III

  • Neutral
  • Neutral
The Russian Empire King August III
  • Neutral
  • Neutral
The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth King August III
  • Neutral
  • Neutral
The Austrian Empire Empress Maria Theresa I
  • Allied
  • Defensive Pact
  • Trade Agreement
  • Friendly
The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway Emperor Kwagar Ocata
  • Allied
  • Defensive Pact
  • Trade Agreement
  • Friendly
The Kingdom of the Swiss Confederacy
  • King Alexander I
  • Sir Joseph Coalsmythe
  • Allied
  • Defensive Pact
  • Trade Agreement
  • Friendly
The Duchy of Modena & Reggio Duke Francesco III
  • Neutral
  • Neutral
The Duchy of Parma Duke Phillip I
  • Neutral
  • Neutral
The Grand Duchy of Tuscany Grand Duchess Maria Theresa I
  • Allied
  • Defensive Pact
  • Trade Agreement
  • Friendly
The Kingdom of Portugal & the Algarves Queen Grace Redskull
  • Neutral
  • Neutral
The Ottoman Empire Sultan Ormen I
  • Neutral
  • Neutral

Member Database

There are plenty of ways to help the Kingdom, whether as a citizen or as a high ranking Council member. Please refer to Ranks, Permissions, and Abilities for the full list.

Council Members

Lord Protector

Prime Minister - Cain Grey

Royal Archive - 

Defense Minister -

Economy Minister -

Lord/Lady Marshal

Lord/Lady Admiral -

Royal Hands

Royal Steward -  Ghost Rain

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