TKC Seal

The King's Clothers Official Seal

The King's Clothers are a set of peddlers for people of high political standings. They offer the finest sets of clothing around the world. You can find them anywhere from the New World, to Jerusalem.


Here are the locations of our stores in the Caribbean, and their workers.

  • Port Royal -- Sarge's Royal Attire
    • Manager—Sergeant Stevens
    • Worker—Mary Benedict
    • Worker—Wentworth Salisbury
  • Tortuga -- The Commodore's Promenade
    • Manager—Commodore Barring
    • Worker—Private Mendel
    • Worker—Billy Flemming
  • Padres del Fuego -- The Lord's Envy
    • Manager—Lieutenant Warwick
    • Worker—John Hansworth
    • Worker—Martin Grimm

Clothing Sets

Screenshot 2011-03-06 11-39-37

March Outift


  • Hat—Burgundy Cavalier
  • Coat—Adventure Coat
  • Shirt—Valentine's Shirt
  • No Vest
  • Belt—Jolly Bones Belt
  • Pants—Valentine's Breeches
  • Boots—Blue Fur Top Boots



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