It is that time when The Holy City needs to elect new officials to help the High Priestess [queen] represent the kingdom, and to maintain order and stability.

Holy Flag

The Holy Flag, the symbol of the kingdom.

Here is what's needed

  • 2 Council Members
  • 1 Mage [aka = warriors]

Comment on which position you want, and list the reasons of why you fit the positon

  1. 2 Council Members is already enlisted, along with 2 Mages, so be quick bout it before the positions are filled!
  2. The Royal Advisor to the King and High Priestess is Jim Logan (since he was the only one who asked for the position).


{ {HolyCity| add job here} } (no spaces)


The Holy Tower

Crown 1 lg

A crown, used to symbolize Royalty.

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