The Heart Ripper unsheathed

The Heart Ripper is a dagger used by Heartripper.


The Heart Ripper was always an item of hatred. It was forged in Asia in the late dynasties, as an item used to summon the dead. It worked, alright. The maker summoned so many demons that took possession of him, he literally turned to ash. The dagger was packed away and brought to the Middle East centuries later, where it was a silent terror. The Abu Nar Clan eventually obtained it, and brought it to the Caribbean. It's user, Ebon Slicin, was killed by Jolly Roger in a raid. The dagger was then given to the Undead Reaper, Heartripper.


Type/Rarity Legendary Cursed Dagger
Resale Value N/A Your soul is the price
Attack N/A 178
Soul-Splitter Rank 5 Split someone's soul, and trap it in their heart!
Spiritcrusher Rank 5 Make all enemies lose morale, and become distracted
Reap Rank 5 Garunteed kill
Use N/A Must obtain from Heartripper to use

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