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The Hawk with his Bejeweled Cutlass

The Hawk aka Captain Jack Darkstealer is an EITC assassin under command of Lord Leon.

After ten years in the EITC, Hawk has returned to the Caribbean to help the rest of the EITC in the war.


Assassin ( 1721 )

Assassin Lord ( Present )

Lord ( Present )

Captain ( Present )

Assassin ( 1719 )

Mercenary ( 1715 )


Captain Jack Darkstealer was born on a ship called The Golden Hawk. When he turned 17 he joined the EITC as a cannoneer and sometimes steerer. After his crew mates on The Golden Revenge (EITC OGRE) found his incredible sailing and cannnon skills they made him Captain of the Golden Revenge. Soon the EITC Grand Lord Beckett learnt about this man he put him into the ranking system. Soon he became admiral of the Royal EITC Fleet ( second in command ). In fact, he is one of the best EITC soldiers ever. After that Lord Beckett made him his PERSONAL assassin.

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