ImagesCAJQ87YS The Harbinger has completed Chapter 1: The Black Pearl and retrieved the Black Pearl!
ImagesCA3H21DG The Harbinger has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!
CompassSM The Harbinger is a master at Sailing!
Music Sign The Harbinger's favorite Pirates of the Caribbean song is Driftwood.
LegendaryLure The Harbinger is a Master Fisherman!
Sword The Harbinger has mastered Sword!
Bloodfire The Harbinger is in possession of Sky Port Broadsword.
55px The Harbinger's favorite main island is Sky Port.

The Harbinger

The Harbinger is the very last of his kind. His original home was burned to ashes. He is one of the finest warriors in the Caribbean, but prefers to keep his secret identity hidden.

The Harbinger

This is The Harbinger, celebrating after a major victory against Jolly Roger's invasion forces.


The Harbinger is the name of the strongest warrior in the armies of Sky Port. Given once they reach so many kills of enemy forces. The Harbinger earned his name when he stood his ground against thousands of soldiers of tyranny. The King of Sky Port granted him his title, but he had little time to enjoy it, as Jolly Roger burned the Port in an attack.

Sky Port

Sky Port is a mystical Port in the clouds that once was a proud port. The symbol of the port is the owl. The port was sustained among the clouds by voodoo powers. The port was in a middle of a civil war when The Harbinger joined their navy. Later when he defeated the enemy with his great broadsword, he was unable to hold his own against Jolly Roger's forces. The Port was burned, and he escaped, the last of his kind, vowing to defeat Jolly Roger himself.

Harbinger's Adventure

Something Strange...

"I be sailing with Blastburn's borrowed ship, when I saw a familiar cloud. Thankfully I still know how to enchant vesels to fly. I shall be exploring the skies from here on out. I WILL, find Sky Port, my old home."

Discovering Sky Port

I, The Harbinger, see a familiar cloud in the sky. It was by chance that I was sailing north-east, and found my home.

-The Harbinger

Return home...

The Harbinger, did not send any words along for this post, but I did get a picture. Here is The Harbinger, standing in one of the ports of Sky Port.

You can see the port, still burning from Jolly Roger's attacks.

Sky Port

The Harbinger, seeing the still-burning remains of his home port.

SKy Port Fortress

The fort of Sky Port. (Credit to Google Images.)

"I've located the old fortress, where I held my own against the forces of tyranny. It's invisibility, conjured from voodoo, has long worn off. With the parting of clouds, revealing Sky Port's location, I fear Jolly Roger may attack for any remaining artifacts."

-The Harbinger

Since a majority of people DEMAND, that The Harbinger's name be released, his name is David Stormbreaker.

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