The great war between the Pirates and the EITC rages across the Caribbean.

The new EITC was famously started by the Co. Empire, lead by Benjamin Macmorgan. They grew so big they ruled. But the Empire crumbled, and Benjamin created a new guild, the United Empire, which was wasn't EITC, but soon turned. Captain Leon took control between Macmorgans Empires, and Macmorgans second empire crumbled. They now lead together against the Pirates.

On the opposing side, is the Brethren Courts and the Pirates, who are fighting for freedom.

The raging battles have caused massive destruction, when Jolly Roger laughs at the sight.


The War started in (please fit in year) and it is contested between the East India Trading Comany(EITC), The Alliance of All The Brethren Courts, and Jolly Roger and his skeleton army. The War has lasted until the 1740's due to the death of Lord Cutler Beckett and Davy Jones. The War between the EITC(players) and the Pirates, seemingly ended with a Treaty.

Screenshot 2010-10-21 17-45-10

Commissioner Captain Jim Logan's Ship Sinking at the hands of the EITC






The EITC Guilds are no longer a big threat to the Pirates after the death of "Lord" Leon.

The Undead Army

  • Jolly Roger
  • His millions of Undead soldiers

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