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This Guild was created shortly after Fishing Started, and the members used the Fishing oats to escape the Skull Clan. Is an Inactive Guild that c

Screenshot 2010-10-16 11-33-58

The Leaders of the Council

onsisted of:

Commissioner Captain Jim Logan(Leader)

Duchess of Anemo
Screenshot 2010-10-16 16-52-402

A member of the Skull Clan


Captain John Fatbeard

Pearson Wirght(Ally)

Jack Gunshot

William T. Taffy

Mark "IKILLU" swordmeance

Dog O'Hawk

Benjamin Goldfury

Charles Raidmalley


Throught mid-late 1721(2010) the Council was used to protect Duchess from the Skull Clan but this Guild/Group was declared inactive as the Skull Clan has been but reduced to a distant memory

Rumors started that this Council has been re-activated to help combat Lord Leon

These Rumors were made True as Jim Logan but Jack Gunshot and Dog O'Hawk(there are a lot of People with this name(lol) are in charge to help combat Lord Leon

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