Snake broadsword
The Fiery Rage is the Broadsword amongst a set of Blades know as The Serpent's Treasured Weapons. Next to The Serpent's Kiss, The Fiery Rage is the most powerful weapon in the set.

It's stats are as follows:

Attack: 100

Venom Dipped: rank 5 ~ Poisons an enemy upon contact.

Bloodfire: rank 5 ~ Gains power with every enemy defeated.

Firestorm: rank 5 ~ Devastates the entire surrounding area with a tunnel of fire released from the blade in one sweeping slash. Only the user is protected, all else is lost to the flames. This ability is easy to Identify, it leaves a black "scar" on the earth where it has been used. It is also a break attack that loads slowly.

Blade storm boost +3

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