There once were six powerful brothers of God, who fought the Evil forces in the Haunted Forest on Undead Isle....

The Story of Six Brothers

There were six brothers, who, like others, followed God. And these brothers were warmongers, they wanted to fight.

Out of the Darkness, a figure came and granted these brothers powers beyond anything they could imagine. They heard of a battle in the Haunted Forest, on an island not far from theirs, known as Undead Isle, and they sailed there hoping to fight in the greatest war of their time. They made it into this battle, and fought of many creatures. Dharok, the eldest brother, had a mighty great axe, which he swung with such a power chopping off limbs, severing arms and legs. The second eldest, Ahrim, was a Voodoo mage, he casted spell after spell that kept the enemies at bay. The other brothers fought just as well, piercing through flesh, pounding in bones, and these warriors were the greatest in the war! Soon after they began battling, the Mysterious Figure began to watch them ,and follow them, and this became a distraction. The enemies were getting past Ahrims spells, the brothers weren't fighting as well as people had expected anymore ,but they battle waged on. After many months, the brothers fell quite ill, and the Mysterious Figure just watched, and one nigh, by the fire, they all died. Their fellow warriors, and there were thousands of them, build six underground chambers and layed the one brother in each. And buried their sarcophaguses with mound of dirt, creating six hills. These hills would later become known as the "Barrows" And so this name was given to the six brave "Barrows" brothers ,who fought so bravely at The War of Undead Isle. The Mysterious figure was seen standing at the top of the middle mound, and a pink spell rushed off his hands, and into all six of the mounds. Nobody goes there anymore. Most people believe the place to be cursed. But nobody knows for sure. it'd just be wise to stay away from the Barrows.

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